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When the Spark Fades Away

What I love about having chosen the path of personal development as my way of life is that there is always something to learn... something to uncover... and something to see more clearly.

Having had more than three decades on this journey, I know when something is not right. I know when something is amiss. And, I find it frustrating.

What I know though is this. This is a new journey for me. Being an author, speaker and mentor is a new vocation and in going down this path, I'm navigating new ground every single day.

Even though at times I feel stuck, like I have these past few weeks, I always come out the other side with new knowledge and understanding about myself. This is what I love.

To be honest, since I published my book, I've been feeling a bit flat. Sure, there was the initial overwhelming joy (tears of joy) when I held it in my hand; I feel incredibly blessed that so many of you have ordered it, and I love nothing more than getting amazing reviews from readers, but I've had a feeling something was missing. A sense that I should feel more inspired and uplifted, and I just didn't.

This morning I have connected the dots.

I realised this morning that I LOVE the writing… and I’m not as in love with promoting the book. And that’s okay.

Yes, part of this business is the marketing and I’m doing that, but it is the writing I love the most. Making this connection has once again got me feeling inspired to get back to finishing my second book so I can be doing what I love the most.

It’s also inspired me to post more of these stories here and on my social accounts... because that too is writing and in doing so, I’m expressing myself, and that is what I love doing too.

Within minutes, I started to feel alive again—free from the stuck feeling I've had these past few weeks.

I can't wait to connect!

With love, Kathryn xox


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